Is Your High Value Home Fully Insured?

High Net Value vs Standard Content?

If you’re living in a home with a high net value, say, for instance: over 500K, you need a level of insurance that goes well beyond the cover designed for a typical British household.

Why? Because you will find that many high street insurers simply won’t have the cover that will match your needs, meaning, if the worst happened, you would only get back he value you had insured and nothing else. The result? If your much-treasured grandmother’s engagement ring is over that limit, it’s lost for good.

Therefore, you need a service that will embrace your entire lifestyle and your possessions, and most importantly covers everything you need it to. So, the secret is, to make sure you’ve checked that small print and understood everything.

Which Policy Do I Need and Is There Someone Who Can Go Through The Small Print With Me?

The rule of thumb when thinking about what policy you might need, is this: for a home with a high net value – and items such as antiques and fine art, listed properties, second homes, holiday homes and high-tech equipment, you will need to consider a high net value policy. The best thing to do is talk to an independent broker who will talk you through a wide portfolio of different insurers meaning you get the very best policy tailored just for you!

A word of warning

It’s always important to remember that when it comes to high net insurance, a ‘one size fits all’ policy is never a good idea. Just think, if your next-door neighbour has a listed property and you have a thatched roof property, having the same policy as each other won’t match your needs.

All of which proves that made-to-measure bespoke is always a better fit than off-the-peg with alterations.


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