An Interview with our Apprentice

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Here at Lumley, we are proud to offer opportunities for young people and those new to the insurance industry by fostering an environment catered to learning and support. Our very first apprentice, Jack, spoke to us about his early experience.

How has your time at Lumley been so far?

So far, I have really enjoyed my time at Lumley. I felt extremely welcome from the moment I walked in on the very first day to meet everybody. I have had continual support throughout from all the team. Daniella, my trainer, has been there to help me with any queries I have had and has taught me so much in such a short space of time.

Lumley is very much a family; everyone is integral to the excellent customer service provided on a day to day basis. We have monthly team incentives in which you compete as separate teams for a prize at the end of the month. These activities are great for team building. I have taken part in two so far, and it has allowed me to get to know the team outside of a work environment - in my case it was over lunch.

I have enjoyed learning about the different areas within the insurance market ranging from household to motor and even commercial. I very much enjoyed shadowing our commercial manager, Tim, to get more of an idea about business insurance. I am looking forward to working more with the client account handlers to get a good understanding of the role I will hopefully take on in the future.

What have you enjoyed most?

Learning about commercial insurance has been particularly enjoyable as I have always had a love of business, and understanding the background behind the businesses was of extreme interest to me. Whilst going through this with Tim, he explained all the different products and covers available in the commercial market.

Another valuable experience for me was meeting James Scott-Brown, an experienced buildings surveyor we work with, when he came in to discuss surveys with us. I found it interesting to learn how grade listed properties have to be rebuilt of the same materials and how this drastically changes the rebuild cost in comparison to non-listed properties.

I have enjoyed learning about liabilities and how they are used in both the commercial market and the household market. I have completed multiple online training courses in relation to liability, which have taught me the foundations of the area.

I have also enjoyed the more general experience of the office environment, and how it differs from the standard picture -  there is always something going on! It's good to know that there is always someone around who is happy to help with any issues I have.

Have you found the experience beneficial?

I have found the experience extraordinarily beneficial; this has given me an opportunity to start a career in a large industry with limitless opportunities. My understanding at the beginning of the apprenticeship was minimal however now, even after only a couple of months, I've learnt more than I ever thought I could. I am learning new things daily just by being in an environment where I can listen to our account handlers contacting clients, or by meeting underwriters who have come in to discuss what they do and even talk through quotes with me.

Our online training portal has been crucial in gaining a basic understanding at the beginning of the apprenticeship and now I am looking more in depth at certain areas of interest in order to broaden my understanding.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship over sixth form or college?

The reason that I chose an apprenticeship over sixth form or college was, whilst I went to college first of all, I did not enjoy my subjects - other than business which I loved. I have always learnt better from a hands-on approach. Through the apprenticeship I am learning by doing, rather than just being told what to do. I am able to learn from my own actions and mistakes with guidance from my team.

Another reason I chose an apprenticeship was a desire to get a head start with my career.

What made you choose the Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship?

The main reason I chose the insurance practitioner apprenticeship was due to my sister having completed an apprenticeship in financial management. She dealt with insurance via the company she worked for and I had multiple discussions with her regarding the matter and was always interested in discussing it with her.

Whilst looking through the advertisement for the position, I felt I could imagine myself in the role, and the opportunity to go on to be a trainee client account handler upon completion of the apprenticeship was of great interest to me because it meant I could continue to progress. I like the idea of always having something to work towards.

Would you recommend the Apprenticeship to others? What about it would you recommend?

I would strongly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone. The opportunity to get into the career that you want to at such a young age, and learn whilst doing what you want to be doing in the future. With an apprenticeship you can be doing the job you want and getting the qualifications at the same time.

I would recommend the apprenticeship to those who know what career path they want to take and are interested in the insurance industry.