Ask an Account Handler – your frequently asked questions, answered!

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Over the past 25 years advising our clients on their insurance policies, we’ve helped to answer a variety of questions. In that time, we’ve found that some seem to pop up more often than others.

We’ve asked our team of expert Account Handlers to clear up a few of the most common ones.


Are my pedal cycles covered when not at my home?

Your bicycles will be covered whilst temporarily being removed from your home, unless specifically stated that cover is not provided under your contents insurance. It is also worth discussing the individual value of your pedal cycles, as insurers will have varying limits before a bicycle will need to be specifically listed on your policy.

Guy Halliday, New Business Account Handler

Why is my home’s rebuild cost different to the market value?

The rebuild cost is the amount it would cost to completely rebuild your home if it were destroyed beyond repair. It includes the price of labour and materials. This cost is usually lower than your home's sale price or market value, which also considers things like desirability of the area. Basing your policy on your home’s rebuild cost will prevent you from over-insuring and paying higher premiums than necessary.

Guy Halliday, New Business Account Handler

Why do you recommend new valuations for my items every few years?

A period of 5 years is long enough for a significant increase in value. Over the years more and more replacements costs for specified items such as fine art and jewellery have increased. A valuation is recommended to be completed or updated every 5 years to confirm you are insured for the full replacement cost in the event of an incident.

Allan Burry, Client Account Handler

Do I need to take out specialist insurance for hearing aids or is there cover under my policy?

Yes, cover can be included under your general contents sum insured and would provide protection against accidental damage, loss and theft. Cover would be provided on a worldwide basis, so not just whilst you are in the home but anywhere in the world. You will need to ensure that the current contents sum insured under your policy is adequate to include cover for these items, otherwise an adjustment to your sum insured may be required.

Hannah Sampson, Client Account Handler

What is included in my ‘General Contents’ sum insured?

This section of cover includes clothing, electricals, furniture, soft furnishings, freestanding units, sound equipment, bed linen, outdoor furniture, pedal bikes, curtains etc. Please note that it is always best to separate out your fine art, precious metals, antique furniture, collectables, books and rugs into what many of our insurers call the ‘Fine Art and Antique’s section’ as this sum insured normally generates a lower rate than the ‘General Contents’ section. Also, unlike most direct markets, our panel of insurers provide worldwide cover for your contents, so you are not restricted to cover just within the home (unless stated by endorsement).  We can provide useful tools to help review your contents sum insured should you become or are a client of ours.

Jenny Barker, Client Account Handler

How do I make a claim?

Contact your client account handler via phone or email at the earliest opportunity to talk through the situation. We’ll advise you on the steps to be taken to start the process, which then shapes the long term progress of your claim. We understand that every claim is different, and claims are quite often very personal situations, and we and our insurers recognise that the very impersonal ‘claim form’ approach adopted by most standard market insurers isn’t the way to go.

Where required, we may ask for the specialist claims team at the insurer involved to contact you directly. Alternatively, a loss adjuster, contractor or engineer will be sent out as soon as possible, which can be the same day!

As your broker, we aim to mediate and coordinate your claim from start to finish. We want to take as much stress out of the situation as possible, liaising with claims handlers and loss adjusters to ensure we are getting the right people involved, and any necessary works or repairs done quickly.

We keep in contact regularly to ensure you are happy with the progress of your claim, keeping you involved and ensuring your voice is heard. We believe it’s paramount that you have the tools and information to ensure you don’t feel helpless in the situation.

Ryan Carter, Client Account Handler

How is high net worth insurance changing?

As in most aspects of life, technology is becoming more prevalent in the insurance industry today. Insurers are keen to embrace the benefits new technological developments can offer to their policyholders and are working with third party developers to bring smart technology to the forefront of security and risk prevention. Provision of water leak detection systems is becoming a flagship feature of policies (Leakbot and Hive systems are provided by many of our insurers as an inclusive benefit to their policyholders). Loss adjusters can discuss claims with clients remotely through video feed. This provides a key opportunity to “attend” a risk address immediately where possible and expedite the claims process.

Whilst there are many aspects where technology is improving the insurance experience, it is not yet in the position to replace the importance of human involvement within the our sector. As account handlers and brokers, we hold a key position within the process, providing independent advice, mediating between the insurer and the client and providing a personal touch that would otherwise be lost.

Ryan Carter, Client Account Handler

Do you just do home insurance?

Not at all. We have recognised that many of our clients have additional interests to protect as well as their homes, and work with an expansive panel of providers who also specialise in farms and estates, commercial, motor and annual travel. In doing so, we are able to comprehensively test the market and provide a streamlined ‘all under one roof’ service to our clients, meaning they have the convenience of a single point of contact to manage all of their insurance needs.

Ryan Carter, Client Account Handler

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