Building Works Insurance

If you are carrying out improvements to your existing home, you should consider the need to insure the cost of the works, including new and re-cycled materials on site before they are incorporated into the building.

Whilst your home insurer may agree to continue to cover the ‘existing’ structure, they will not cover the cost of the work being undertaken until the date of practical completion. In other circumstances, your home insurer will not continue to cover your house for the duration of the works, and you will have to make alternative arrangements.

If a formal contract is being signed, this will usually have specific obligations regarding the arrangement of insurances, with varying responsibilities on the home owner and contractor to make arrangements. It is a common requirement that the insurance is arranged in the joints names of both parties.

When planning work to your home, it is important to discuss the subject of insurance with your Architect or Contractor, and your own home insurer, to ensure that you are correctly protected in the event of an incident.