Don't leave your home improvements uninsured

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Planning home improvements is an exciting, if stressful, time. Many of us are guilty of being too blinded by the image of the final result to remember that it first takes a lot of upheaval to get there. And many people realise too late that having the right insurance in place is as important as choosing the right architect or contractor to carry out the work itself.

Don’t forget to add these important points to your renovation to-do list!

Inform your broker or insurer first

Before any contracts are signed, and certainly before work begins, it’s vital that you inform your insurance provider of your intentions. Dependent on the extent of the works involved, it’s likely that your existing home insurer will not be able to provide suitable cover whilst your home is, in effect, a building site.

Home insurance policies are not designed to cover the risks typically involved with construction, meaning whilst your insurer may agree to continue to cover the ‘existing’ structure, they will not cover the contract for the works themselves. In other circumstances, they may decide to retract cover entirely for the duration of the works, and you will have to make alternative arrangements.

Don’t leave your insurance arrangements until the last minute

As mentioned above, if you inform your insurer of your planned works and they aren’t able to assist, you will need time to source an alternative. This could be an in depth process so it’s important to allow yourself the time to discuss this with your architect or contractor and your insurance provider to ensure you are properly protected before the works begin.

If works begin before you have the correct insurance in place, you could potentially leave yourself in a position to be paying any losses out of your own pocket, on top of the cost of the work itself!

Trust the experts

At Lumley Insurance, we deal with several providers who specialise in insuring properties undergoing works, and the contracts for the works themselves. These policies are designed specifically to protect your interests in the event of a claim.

We can help shed light on the types of cover you need, and our providers are able to review your contract to ensure everything is as it should be.

Planning a home improvement project? Need advice on insurance? Contact us on 01285 885885 or by email to contact@lumleyinsurance and we’d be happy to help.