Have Yourself a Lumley Little Christmas - Tips for a claim free festive season

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With Christmas fast approaching, many of us have our heads full of presents, Christmas shopping and entertaining relatives. But whether we are shopping for the latest smartphone, jewellery or perhaps a new television for the family, our first consideration is not normally whether our insurance covers them!

Know the risks

December is a notoriously high risk month for claims. Spending more time at home with guests over the Christmas break can inevitably lead to accidental damage; one too many glasses of Port and you could be looking at replacing a stained carpet or broken vase!

The festive season also poses a greater threat of burglaries. Thieves will be aware that there could be more items left in plain sight than usual and homes can be left unattended whilst we visit family.

Know your policy

A good insurance policy will provide automatic cover for new purchases as standard. So whether it is for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or just a treat, your new items will be covered for a set period even before you tell your insurer(subject, of course, to you adding them to your policy eventually!)

Lumley’s Top Tips on how to avoid a Christmas claim:

A common sense approach is always the best way to avoid an unexpected Christmas claim:

  • Keep presents out of public view – away from the windows and not in your car
  • You can’t have Christmas without a roaring fire. Keeping your chimney swept each year and not leaving the fire unattended will prevent chimney fires as well as it spitting onto the carpet!
  • Cooking accidents increase at this time of year. Keep an eye on anything you have in the oven – a burnt turkey could be the least of your worries!
  • Whilst setting an atmosphere with candles, don’t leave them unattended as nobody wants to see their Christmas go up in flames.
  • Drinks spillages are higher risk whilst entertaining your guests – red wine spilt all over your carpet will not be on your wish list this year!
  • Check your lights for faults and be careful not to overload your plug sockets. Turning them off at night to will also reduce the risk of a fire.
  • Try to keep party games in open spaces and away from easily broken items!

The weather this time of year also brings the threat of frozen pipes, especially if you are away for a long period. Read our article on how to protect yourself from water damage here.

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