Conversions & Unique Property Insurance

Whether listed or not, Lumley Insurance have recognised that many prestigious and unique homes in the UK are deemed to be of ‘non-standard’ construction and therefore more exposed to certain risks than an average home. As a result, this can pose problems when attempting to source insurance to suitably cover your needs.

Whether you own a historic wattle and daub cottage, an ultra-modern HUF house or a thatched countryside retreat, we have a market available to accommodate your property’s individuality, without restricting you for wanting something out of the ordinary.

What is ‘non-standard' construction’?

Examples of buildings that may be considered non-standard or specialist could include:

  • Thatched properties

  • Timber framed properties

  • Steel framed properties

  • Converted Barns

  • Converted Windmills

  • Converted Mills

  • Eco-houses

  • HUF houses and other glass panelled houses

  • Historic constructions types such as cob, wattle and daub

If you are unsure whether your property qualifies as 'non-standard' or are experiencing difficulty in insuring it, an experienced member of the Lumley team would be happy to discuss your options and advise on the most suitable course of action.