Cyber & Data Liability Insurance

Cybercrime is the fasting growing crime in the world.

Virtually all businesses are reliant on technology in some form, and for many, it is essential to be able to trade. Damage or losses relating to computer systems, including the storing of customer data, are rapidly increasing. These events can lead to increased costs, lost income, reputation damage, legal costs, and a potentially catastrophic disruption to your business.

Cyber Insurance cover can include:

•       You being pursued by customers for passing a virus onto their systems

•       You being pursued by customers due to a breach of your systems allowing their personal information to get into other parties hands

•       Cover to repair damage to your systems and restore your data, along with compensation for loss of earnings due to damage

•       Damage to reputation as a result of a data breach

•       The cost of advising your customers that you have suffered a breach

•       Ransom demands and theft of your money or financial assets by electronic means

•       Phishing scams and Telephone hacking