Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers of Limited companies can be held personally liable for errors , omissions and wrong-doings in the running of their businesses, so Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is increasingly considered a necessity for Limited Businesses. Claims costs and damages for breach of duties and defending allegations can be substantial, even if they are unfounded, so it is worth ensuring that protection is put in place to limit the financial impact of any legal action directed towards Directors and Officers.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance policies provide legal costs for defending any actions that may brought against you. This could include investigations by regulatory bodies such as The Health & Safety Executive, or claims from employees about discrimination, unfair dismissal and bullying in the workplace. Premiums for this important cover have never been so low, and it is increasingly seen as an essential add-on to complement core business insurances.

All of the insurance products that Lumley Insurance Limited offer can be tailored to your specific business and unique needs, and should help to bring business owners greater peace of mind should the worst ever happen to, or within, their business. Lumley Insurance work hard to ensure that all businesses are adequately covered by appropriate and comprehensive insurance policies (though rely on the business owner providing detailed information about the item(s) being insured), and use the extensive knowledge and experience gained from the last four generations working within the High Value Insurance industry to ensure our customers always receive the very highest quality cover and customer care.