Make your firework display safe for everyone

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If you are holding a local firework display – at a school, sports club, village green and the like – it is important to responsibly plan for the event to ensure you and your visitors enjoy a spectacular display in a safe environment.

Let’s look at what you should be doing:


  • Think about which people would be best to organise the display and light the fireworks - ideally someone with previous experience of arranging a display, perhaps a fireman, or someone with knowledge of health and safety.
  • Carefully consider the suitability of the site for size, overhead powerlines, prevailing wind, access, etc
  • Set out the site to facilitate the display. Fires should be well away from the fireworks and a landing area should be designated
  • Set up any food stands, bars, etc well away from the display site
  • Consider lighting, etc if access is remote
  • Put in a plan in case of an emergency, and make one person responsible for calling the emergency services.
  • Source the fireworks from a responsible supplier and store them in a suitable place
  • Get quotes for Public Liability insurance – this is available for one-off events, and will cover claims against the organisers if any one gets hurt

On the day

  • Re-check the site and look at the weather forecast, particularly wind direction -you may have to adjust the layout to accommodate this.
  • Ensure no one can access the firing zone or fireworks by roping these off to keep visitors at a safe distance
  • Don’t allow visitors to bring their own fireworks
  • If lighting a fire, do not use petrol, paraffin, etc to aid ignition
  • Check the fire for wildlife or small animals such as cats before lighting
  • If young children are attending, pay particular attention to ensure they cannot stray into dangerous areas
  • Ensure the fire is safe before closing the site down for the night

The next day

  • Fully clear the site and dispose of any spent or failed fireworks safely

With a little careful planning you will have a great (and safe) display for all to enjoy!

If you are involved in arranging a public firework display, contact us to ensure you are correctly covered on 01285 885885 or leave us a message using the form below.