Holiday & Second Homes Insurance

At Lumley Insurance, we recognise that second homes and holiday homes, whether in the UK or overseas, are vulnerable to the same risks as your main home, so it is just as important to ensure they have the same level of comprehensive insurance cover.

Generally speaking, the terms of the second home policies we arrange are more generous than other mass-market offerings, as our insurers are able to include coverage for any number of additional properties under your main household policy, no matter how big or small.

If we aren’t able to accommodate the property under your main household policy for any reason, we will be more than happy to find suitable standalone cover for your second home, let property or holiday home with one of a hand selected group of insurers who provide specialist policies for second homes in isolation, to ensure that the terms of the policy provide sufficient cover for the property and its contents.

If you're looking to extend your property portfolio, a new property purchase can be added to your existing policy as easily as adding a piece of jewellery or a new painting – just contact your dedicated account handler at Lumley with the details.