Holiday Homes

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Buying a second home in your favourite holiday location is not only an aspiration shared by most, but a significant investment as well. Before you sign the deeds and pack your bags, have you considered the important insurance factors? We’ve put together some questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge.

Is the property legal?

Overseas laws and regulations can be very different to ours. You need to be sure that the property has been built in accordance with local rules – if not, you may find the authorities knocking on your door to re-possess your property, or even worse, require it to be demolished.

Is the price right?

Again, overseas property markets can operate very differently to ours. Some areas of Europe have had a lot of outside investment, which may artificially inflate prices in the short-term. Local vendors may take advantage of the lack of knowledge of overseas purchasers. Always seek professional advice before committing to a purchase and go through the small print in order to avoid potential pitfalls when buying abroad.

Is the construction sound?

It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful rustic barn in an idyllic setting, but it may turn out to be a money pit - have a full survey done in order to establish the true condition. If you want a renovation project, make sure you know how much work is needed, and that the local authorities will permit you to do what you want. It is not just old properties that may have hidden horrors. New builds may have been poorly built or be in areas with histories of serious problems such as subsidence.

Do you know the area?

Always spend plenty of time exploring the area. Look at local towns and amenities, and check proposals for future development of the area. Will you be happy there?

Is the property insurable?

In many parts of Europe cover for events such as earthquakes and subsidence can be difficult to obtain. Many overseas holiday homes will also not be fitted with the door and window security you might expect. For reasons like these, there are many standard market insurers who will not offer cover for properties outside of the UK at all.

If you approach an overseas purchase with your eyes wide open, and do your homework thoroughly, you can fulfil your dream of living your fantasy in the sun and securing a sound investment for the future.

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