High net worth or standard home insurance: what is the difference?

by ZENA CARTER / JULY 07, 2017

No-one sets out to buy a suit that won’t fit them. So why do people buy home insurance that doesn’t really cover their needs?

The fact is, if you’re living in a home with a high net value, you need a level of insurance that goes well beyond the cover designed for a typical British household. You need a service that will embrace your entire lifestyle.

Few if any high street insurers can offer this. Check the small print of most proposals and you’ll find that, while many offer travel insurance for holidays, hardly any can arrange cover for a home worth more than a few hundred thousand pounds.

What’s needed is a service that easily embraces cover for a home with a high net value – and items such as antiques and fine art, second homes, holiday homes and high-tech equipment – within the same policy, from brokers who can also cover classic cars and yachts if need be.

Just as a good tailor will make a suit that fits everywhere and not just where it touches, a thoughtful, professional insurance broker can arrange insurance that will match your lifestyle at a price that fits your budget, and often for less than a standard policy with additional extra options.

All of which proves that made-to-measure bespoke is always a better fit than off-the-peg with alterations.

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