More Precious than Premium - A Lumley Claims Story

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Here at Lumley, we believe that the true value of your insurance policy is not discovered until you need to make a claim. We and the providers we deal with understand that, in many cases, it is the sentimental value of the memories an item holds for you that matter more than the item itself.

This is the story of one such claim, as told by our Client Account Handler and Team Leader, Dhiren Tokhai.

“My client called me on Monday the 4th of May. She had been painting her garden fence the previous weekend and had removed her three rings and placed them in a drawer for safe keeping to ensure they weren’t damaged. When she came to put them back on, she discovered her engagement ring was missing – particularly poignant as she had just celebrated her wedding anniversary the weekend before. No one had been into the house, so she was certain it had not been stolen, but had somehow vanished from the drawer.

Understandably, she was quite upset and had spent the week before calling me turning the house upside down looking for it, even going as far as to comb the garden with a metal detector!

Firstly, I reassured her that there was no need to worry as the loss would be covered by her policy, and I would contact her insurer to register the claim immediately after our call. She asked me how the claim would be settled; I understood the sentimental value that this particular ring held for her so I advised a cash settlement may be the best option, meaning she and her husband could go out together to choose a new ring themselves – make a new occasion to remember.

Due to the value of the ring (though it’s sentimental value far exceeded this, of course), a loss adjustor was appointed who contacted my client by phone on Thursday the 7th of May to discuss the circumstances of the claim and how to proceed. He requested photographs of the ring to allow the up to date value to be determined. Thankfully my client had it revalued herself in 2016 on my recommendation, paid for by her insurer, which was of great help with this as it was already insured for an adequate amount, and specified on her schedule accordingly.

Whilst awaiting confirmation from Mappin & Webb, the expert valuers appointed, I remained in contact with my client throughout to ensure she was fully up to date with the process, as did the loss adjustor, also appreciating the delicacy of the matter.

Upon receipt of the confirmed value, the loss adjustor presented my client with the option of a professional recreation or a cash settlement and ensured each was properly considered. As we had discussed previously, she chose to take a cash settlement, which was happily agreed upon and the claim closed on the 1st of June.

Having had the pleasure of managing their policy since 2013 and visited them on occasion, I was aware they were very conscious of ensuring everything was insured correctly and were more than happy to have regular surveys and valuations completed. All of which assisted greatly with the smooth settlement of the claim and goes to show the benefit of being prepared.”

Our client was most grateful for the swift action taken both by Lumley and by her insurance provider. She had this to say about her experience:

“Dhiren provided top notch service. Efficient and charming. Thanks”

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