Protect Your Car from Keyless Criminals

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With the continuous innovation of modern day technologies, we now live in a fast moving, highly convenient world where technology goes hand-in-hand with our every day lives.

One of the fastest developing areas of technology is cars. They are becoming easier to drive and now with the convenience of keyless entry, gone are the days of rummaging around in the bottom of your handbag or patting pockets to find your keys! Now cars can be opened and started at the push of a button when they detect a unique frequency from their key fob nearby.

However; with this convenience comes risk. Thieves are becoming increasingly tech savvy and developing ways to steal cars more easily than ever. By reading and cloning your key fob signal from outside your house, they could gain access to your car without the smashed glass, car alarms or complex ignition systems to worry about. And these thefts are on the rise across the UK!

What can I do to protect myself?

A Faraday Pouch is a lightweight, packable and easily transportable metal lined case for your key fob, which prevents the frequency from being picked up by a potential thief. The pouch is designed to block signals from electronic devices used by thieves to clone key fobs and gain access to vehicles illegally. It can also be used to securely store mobile phones and credit cards, to further protect you from the ever-growing risk of electronic data theft.

These signal blocking devices are used by the police departments and military and will shield your devices from outside influences. Simply pop them in the pouch and rest easy knowing your data frequencies aren’t being transmitted anywhere they shouldn’t be.

Here at Lumley, your protection is our priority. We will happily provide a complimentary Lumley Insurance Faraday Pouch to any of our clients who request one to help stop this type of theft from taking place.

If you’d like a Faraday Pouch of your own, or want to chat through your car insurance requirements, we’d be happy to hear from you. Call us on 01285 885885 or leave us a message using the form below.