Listed Property Insurance

Buildings Insurance For Listed Properties

With the unique privilege and pleasure of owning a Grade I, Grade II or Grade II* listed property comes added risk and responsibility; which is why you need to be certain that suitable insurance is in place. Only buildings that represent historical or architectural significance are given the accolade of a listed status and, as an owner, we understand the duty to ensure your little piece of British Heritage is properly protected can weigh heavily.

When insuring a listed home, it is vital to consider the obligations in place to reinstate the property to its original condition in the event of damage; ensuring sufficient cover sourcing original, non-standard materials and contractors sympathetic to and knowledgeable in the maintenance of historical buildings will add to the cost of repair. 

Timescales of repair are longer due to structural work or changes being subject to rigorous permissions and consents. Therefore your listed building insurance policy should also be able to cover your costs should you have to vacate the property.

Through years of assisting clients with insuring listed properties, Lumley Insurance has gathered a keen understanding of the unique circumstances and requirements that can arise from owning such a home. We work closely with a select group of insurers who specialise in providing policies tailored towards insuring listed and historical buildings. They can arrange for experts in the field to visit your property and ensure that all aspects have been properly considered, and dedicated claims teams who can provide practical advice on the best ways to proceed in the event of a claim.