The Story of our Blackberry Gin

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In 2004 our Chairman, John Lumley, went blackberry picking with his family at his mother's house in the country. Having picked more than they could possibly eat, he asked around for good recipes to make use of his bumper harvest. 

His mother's gardener suggested that blackberry wine might be a good idea, however John was too impatient to wait for wine to ferment and opted for gin instead. And so, his first experimental batch of home-produced blackberry gin was made using re-purposed gin bottles and jam jars. It was an instant hit with his family and friends on shoots. 

Whilst attending a local hunt's team chase event, John met Foxdenton Distillery founder Nick Radclyffe, and the idea was hatched for Foxdenton to produce Lumley blackberry gin. The first batch was crafted in 2018. This too has been a hit with family, friends and clients. 

As part of our referral scheme we will send out a large bottle of our unique gin to any client who refers a friend or family member to us. If you have a friend or family member who you feel could benefit from our services, please contact your account handler or call the office on 01285 885885

We hope that you enjoy it just as much as we do!