Moving House? Check Insurance off your list!

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For most people buying a new home is an exciting time, but it rarely happens without a certain amount of stress. Amongst all the other things to think about, arranging the correct insurance for your new home can often be overlooked until the last minute.

Generally you are obliged to insure the property you are buying at exchange, and it is prudent to put matters in hand once your offer has been accepted by the seller.

Insuring your new home for the correct re-instatement value is essential. This should reflect how much it would cost to re-build the property should it be totally destroyed, including an allowance for clearance of the site and professional fees. For older, architecturally interesting homes and listed properties you will need to consult a professional valuer in order to ensure you are not penalised for under-insurance in the event of a large claim.

Once you have packed everything up, you need to know that all your belongings are covered if they get damaged on the way to your new home. Removal companies can sell you extra cover for this, but you may well already be covered if you have good quality home insurance.

Moving house is a good time to review the cover for all your belongings. When packing up, you may well be surprised as to how many possessions you actually have. Take the opportunity to create an inventory of your belongings, take photographs, and get up-to-date valuations for high value items of Fine Art, Antiques, Precious Metals and Jewellery. Once documented, make more than one copy, and keep them somewhere safe.

Changing the locks on your new home is a sensible thing to do, and you should also consider the need to install a safe, or upgrade any existing safe, to ensure it is suitable for your requirements.

Moving into a new home is also a good time to consider installing loss prevention measures, such as a leak protection system to avoid escape of water claims. A pipe or water tank failure at the top of your home that results in a mains water leak can cause devastating damage to the building and its contents.

If you use an insurance broker, they will help source the best policy for you, providing advice and guidance along the way. Good quality home insurance policies will work with your lifestyle and be free of onerous terms and conditions that are often in the small print of mass-market products.

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