Open Gardens: Things to Consider

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With the weather finally brightening up, are you planning on opening your gardens for a summer fete, charity event or Garden Scheme? Read on for expert advice on what you need to consider to ensure you can enjoy the day as much as your guests.

If you open your home to the public for charitable or community events, or open days such as the National Gardens scheme, you need to be aware of your additional insurance requirements.

For example, whilst you would reasonably expect it to, do you know if your existing home insurance cover extends to include injury to visitors whilst on your property?

It is essential that you inform your insurer of any events to ensure you have adequate cover in place. Claims for slips and trips (or worse) can be substantial, and the cost of defending yourself and paying any damages without insurance cover would certainly be stressful, and potentially financially crippling.

You may wish to consider conducting a risk assessment when opening your garden to the public to identify and eliminate any potential risks such as swimming pools, ponds and uneven ground. You may even want to install signs to make people aware of potential hazards.  

You also need to consider the effect these events have on cover for your existing contents and possessions. Many insurers will add restrictions or in some cases even exclude these whilst your home is more accessible. 

At Lumley Insurance, we and our panel of insurers are well versed in dealing with open garden events. Our experienced team can provide you with the information, guidance and advice you need to ensure you are fully protected and can enjoy the occasion without concern. 

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