Insurance for Unoccupied Properties

Unoccupied Property Insurance is provided according to individual circumstances, for example, if a property is:

  • Between tenants

  • Under renovation or construction

  • For sale

  • Awaiting re-development

  • Awaiting demolition

 Unoccupied Property Insurance Cover is provided depending on the unique and individual circumstances surrounding a property’s lack of occupancy. Basic ‘Fire’ cover may be all that is available, but usually wider Perils can be provided. In order to ensure that a building is appropriately insured for the period that it is not occupied, Insurers need to fully understand the condition of the property, length of anticipated un-occupancy and will need to be made aware of any regular inspection patterns in order to set terms and premiums. If you would like more information about insuring an unoccupied building, please get in touch – our experienced and knowledgeable team will be happy to assist.

All of the insurance products that Lumley Insurance Limited offer can be tailored to individual lifestyles and specific needs, and should help to bring our business customers greater peace of mind should the worst ever happen to their properties or personal possessions. Lumley Insurance work hard to ensure that all customer properties and possessions are adequately covered by appropriate and comprehensive insurance policies (though rely on the customer to provide detailed information about the item(s) being insured), and use the extensive knowledge and experience gained from the last four generations working within the High Value Insurance industry to ensure our customers always receive the very highest quality cover and customer care.