Ski Season – Don’t go off piste with your travel insurance

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Now the festive period is over, you may already be digging out your ski equipment and eager to hit the slopes in Chamonix or St Moritz. But before you head out, have you checked your travel insurance covers you for any potential winter woes?

When planning any holiday, you may think it’s safe to assume that your existing Travel policy would suffice when it comes to accidents abroad, lost passports or the dreaded flight cancellation. And typically you’d be right. However, most travel insurance providers consider winter pursuits like skiing and snowboarding as more specialist and therefore don’t provide cover for them as standard.

To make sure you’re properly protected for the types of claims that could only happen on such a trip, you’ll need to add a winter sports extension to your cover.

What does a Winter Sports Extension include?

Due to the very specific nature of risks on a skiing or snowboarding holiday, insurers have been able to identify the most likely types of claims and tailored their cover accordingly. The extension covers incidents such as:

  • Emergency or replacement equipment hire – in the event that your own equipment is lost or damaged.
  • Loss or damage of hired equipment, or your own.
  • Inability to ski or snowboard due to piste closure at your booked resort (during the official ski season).
  • Unused ski pack costs, including ski passes, equipment hire or lessons - in the event you are injured or ill whilst on holiday and aren’t able to participate.

Check it before you chance it

Bear in mind that the cover provided can differ from insurer to insurer, so you’ll need to check your policy to see exactly what you’re covered for, and for how much. There isn’t much point in paying the additional cost if what’s offered isn’t suitable for you.

Some high-end insurers may automatically include winter sports in their travel policy, but if you aren’t sure, don’t be afraid to ask for professional advice before you book your trip - it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

So if you’re jetting off to your favourite winter wonderland this season, contact Lumley Insurance on 01285 885885, or leave us a message using the form below, and make sure your policy includes that all important winter sports extension; and you can après to your heart’s content.